Specialised Practice for Couples, Partners, and Ex-Partners

Short-term Counselling and Therapy for Couples, Partners, and Ex-Partners in Karlsruhe

To non-German speakers or bi-national couples we offer support in English or German.

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Get assistance in the specialized practice for partnership related challenges.

Find support in a one-off consultation or a more steady mentoring, or mediation. In most cases, few but elementary changes create the basis for a long-term solution.

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Paartherapie Paarberatung

Couple coun­selling opens up the oppor­tunity to solve hassle effec­tively and on neutral terri­tory. Any life part­ner­ship, be it young, mature, bi­natio­nal or same-gender, can find appro­priate an­swers.

Main focus in English: Jochen Krölls

Partner counselling can bring you forward as an individual, in order to achieve the shift that your personal situation requires.

Main focus in English: Jochen Krölls

In a discreet setting, sexual counselling offers you to discover a new scope for any sexuality related issue.

Main focus: Claudia Dewald (in German)

Medi­ation allows settle­ment and arbi­tra­tion of see­ming­ly irre­sol­vable con­flicts. Mostly in case of a break-up when sus­tain­ing the state of couple becomes impos­sible. Also, to arrange co-exis­tence in a blended family or to preclude potential discor­dances or con­flicts before moving together. Achieve enduring arrange­ments through struc­tured guid­ance.

Mediator gem. ZMediatAusbV:
Jochen Krölls

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