Specialised Practice for Couples, Partners, and Singles

Short-term Counselling and Therapy for Couples, Partners, and Singles in Karlsruhe

To non-German speakers or bi-national couples we offer support in English or German.

Get assistance in the specialized practice for partnership related challenges.

Find support in a one-off consultation or a more steady mentoring. In most cases, few but elementary changes create the basis for a long-term solution.

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Couple Counselling

Couple counselling opens up the opportunity to solve hassle effectively and on neutral territory. Any life partnership, be it young, mature, binational or same-gender, can find appropriate answers.

Main focus in English: Jochen Krölls

Partner counselling can bring you forward as an individual, in order to achieve the shift that your personal situation requires.

Main focus in English: Jochen Krölls

In a discreet setting, sexual counselling offers you to discover a new scope for any sexuality related issue.

Main focus: Claudia Dewald (in German only)

Singles counselling will let you discover doorways from the status of 'still single' towards a fulfilling and solid partnership. Or regain ease if you are 'single again'.

Main focus: Jochen Krölls

Coaching offers you support if you intend to re-orientate. Subsequent to crises in your private or professional life, in case of imminent decisions, in order to improve work life balance or to increasingly align your life with your core personality,

Main focus: Jochen Krölls

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